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"You know you're a band geek when..." A Rad Mango Production-This has got to be the mother of all lists. I may as well not even bother making up my own. 5-and-then-some pages of signs you're a band geek.
"The Basics of Band Camp"-My home-grown band camp list, which just barely scrapes the epideral layer of the preverbial skin. Things to do, not to do, and what to expect at your average band camp.

Tests-You would not believe how hard it is to find band geek tests that aren't stupid. Too many self-acclaimed band geeks are making them, and they all have stupid questions. I'm going to try and find the cream of the crop, the top of the top, and all just for you. And if I can't find any...I'll just have to make some. Send me any good ones you've taken, and I'll take them and then post them. I'll rate each according to what I think of it.

What kind of band geek are you?
Rating out of 5: 4.5

I'm a band geek
You are such a band geek. You eat, sleep, and
breathe band. You're thinking of majoring in
music at college. Or maybe you already are.
You shudder at the thought of a world outside
the music department.

Are You a Band Geek??
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Rating out of 5: 3


I was 36.5% Marching Band Corrupt. Now it's your turn. Rating out of 5: 4.5



Double Reeds don't march, aren't heard very often,
and don't talk much. But you know what they
say about the quiet ones: when given the chance
you bask in triumph as you play solos and
exposed lines with the thrill of someone often
unheard. The same goes for you at partys. ;-)

What Band Section are you in?
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Rating out of 5: 4

You are a hard core band dork.

What is your Marching Band Personality?
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Rating out of 5: 4.5

Trumpet - You are easily the most evil section in
the band and also the most feared. Whenever
someone dares to [mess] with your section they
usually return from the experience missing a
limb. Your section is mostly male dominated but
the small amount of female members that you do
have are kick ass. You are a practical joker
and if given the chance you will wreak havoc on
the other members in the band. You are a
section that likes to keep to yourself and
don't like it when people attempt to keep you
from declaring war on another section.

What marching band section are you REALLY?
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Rating out of 5: 4


John.. is pale like an elf and has pointy ears. He
busts grooves to the snare drum in winter
percussion and the bassoon in concert band. He
listens to ska, and classical music.

What LHS Band Geek Are You?
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Rating out of 5: 4

You are the comedian of your tight little group.
You are the embodiment of the true trumpet
spirit (you're 1st chair, after all);
confident, intelligent, arrogant. You are the
Uber-Geek; you can't live without LOTR and
various other thingies like that. Various other
things being band. Band is your life blood.
Without it you shrivel up and die. While you
are almost completely in love with that other
trumpet and you treat the drum major like
Gollum treats the Ring, the only lovin' you can
get is as the band director's imaginary bitch.
Fun fun fun for everyone. Generally thought of
as creepy, you're not so bad once people know
what you're all about.

Which Member of My Band are You?
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Rating out of 5: 4 (Made by me!)


NEW SCHOOL-You're the shiznit! Your off-the-hook
dance moves and outragous stunts keep the
crowds entertained. You love your band, but
your job is to work the people. You are the
modern band's party animal. You are the DJ
behind the music!

What Kind of Drum Major are You?
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Rating out of 5: 3.5 (Made by me.)

Yeah Toast!!!