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The Drum Major Resource Center-for all those aspiring leaders and wearers-of-silly-hats.
Drum Major Mania-a place for drum majors and band nerds alike to unwind.
Tales from Band Camp-the site of a clever cartoonist! It's worth a look. Also, links and news and things.

Trumpetus Egotisticus
This is HILARIOUS! As Trent says, "It's funny cuz it's true!".

My Fan Fiction
Ministry of Middle Earth-A look into Middle-Earth's kooky, underground government and the effects it has on the Fellowship of the Ring.

The Lord of the Lyres; The Fellowship of the Lyre-A re-hashing of my 2003-2004 original. LOTL:FOTL-Theatrical Version. The One Lyre, bane of Concert Band, comes into the hands of Franky the Alto Sax player. Can he and the Fellowship of the Lyre keep it from the 9 Percussionists? Thanks to Elise.


Other Links (In other words, LOTR Links Galore)





Sev Wide Web: science fiction cartoon parody.

BagEnders-Some absolutely hilarious fan fiction. Slash, slash that gets hobbitses pregnant (very...interesting...why?), and clean stuff.

Hobbits for President-"They destroyed the Ring and the Dark Lord...Terrorism should be a cinch!" A site supporting Frodo and Sam in the '04 USA Presidential Election. Hey, they've got my vote...even though I can't vote...Bumper stickers galore!
West 2 Productions-A site by some college guys after my own heart. The homepage for the production of their LOTR parody. It's funny stuff. Download the trailer! Buy the DVD! Tell them I sent you!
The Very Secret Diaries-Most LOTR fans will have heard of this, but if not...SHAME ON YOU!!! The diaries of the fellowship, and a few others. Hilarious, piss-yourself-it's-so-funny stuff. Slash warning. But oh well.
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page-Hilarious! Acute wit and cheekiness! Classic, excellent Tolkien humor.
WarOfTheRing.Net-A great, all around site, including fan fiction, news, and a HUGE photo gallery.
TheOneRing.Net-A big site most of the LOTR community seems to know. Has a LOT of news.
And where would one be without...

"Bloody brilliant!!!"
Ron Weasley