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Here you can read past updates...not sure what use they will be of to you though...

9/28/04-As you might have noticed, some of the pages have gotten a face lift. I've also added banners you can use...they make me feel special. I'm going to figure out something for putting past updates somewhere, but I don't feel like doing it right now.
8/17/04- I've added an "Other Humor" page, with stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else. So far, there is just one thing up, but it's a good one; "How to Take Care of Your Drum Major", with pictures! I found it mildly amusing. *Shifty eyes* I am no biased...yeah I wrote it.
8/5/04-We finally have a joke section! And it actually has stuff!!! I'm so proud of my incredible work ethic...
8/3/04-There is finally a bit of a Hellish Cross-Section. A bit. I just need more info from a few people. Woot! Oh, and those quizzes I made are here!
7/28/04-Yes! New band quiz! I think also that I am going to make some quizzes of my own. Woot.
7/22/04-I actually added the link to the list today. I also updated the "About Me" page. Soon I'll start the Hellish Cross-Section. I promise.
7/20/04-Back from band camp and I have a list! There might be more coming, but not just yet...because I'm lazy.
7/9/04-Before I take off for band camp (Sunday), I thought I'd up date a bit, just to keep you poor people occupied for a week, just because I know you have nothing better to do. I've added a SUBMISSION from my friend Tim to the "Rules" section. I've also added a game. When I get back, I should have a whole bunch of new material. Well, maybe not a whole bunch, but some. Stay tuned!
7/4/04-Happy birthday, America! Anyway, I've added a blog specifically for issues with my fan fiction. Otherwise, no real updates until I've had some sleep and/or some kind of stimulating drug. It's late. Night all.
7/1/04-Hey, long time no see. I don't feel like explaining why, so I won't. The point is, NOW WE HAVE A PARODY SECTION! Woo hoo! Enjoy.
6/3/04-There are finally games on the "Jokes, Games, & Parodies" page! I'm thinking of adding another page for band art; I'm considering putting my cartoons up, but I don't know. Well, must be going. Laundry to do. Yucko.
6/2/04-Well, we have a guestbook now. I know you're all overjoyed (those few of you that are tuned in). The "Not Band Geeky Page" will be updated almost daily, so I don't feel any need to tell you when I've added and what I've added. Also, I'm going to try and put a journal-type-thing on here. I'll be out of town Friday-Monday (which is my birthday! Sweet 16!), so you'll be on your own then. Sorry. I know, it hurts, but I'll be back. Hopefully I'll have come up with some parodies by then. Aren't you happy?
6/1/04-I have actually gotten some work done on the site! The stereotypes are finished for the most part, and the "About the Creator" page is done. We still need more work, obviously. I've begun the revising of one of my old parodies, "The Lord of the Lyres", which I had posted on FanFiction.Net for a while, under my pen name "TheAnonymousAgent506". I'm not lifting it, dont' worry. Just revising. I've begun reworking the prologue. Hopefully, it'll be up soon!
5/31/04-Everything's coming. Don't get all excited an piss yourself now. I'll have everything up and running in due time. I'm going to write up some of the longer things first (games, jokes, stereotypes, etc.) and then put them up. I'm going to work each section in order. Just sit tight and we'll be rolling soon!

"Give it to me!" -Mr. R