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Welcome to the Band Resource, your resource for...well, you read the header. I don't know how you heard about us, but I don't care; I'm just happy that you're here. Below is a brief description of each section listed at the top:
Rules: These are the rules that (I think) should be abided by every decent band member. The are divided thus: Pep Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Band in General.
A Toast To...: This page is my personal tribute to some of my stalkees (in other words, people I stalk)my band directors, and various other people. Currently, it's just a big page full of Captain Adam.
Lists & Tests: This page is has that classic list, "You know you're a band geek when...", not to mention tests to tell you whether or not you're a band geek. If you can't figure it out here, I don't know where else you will.
Sectional Stereotypes: Yes, yes, our mothers always told us stereotypes were wrong, but these are FUN!!!
Jokes, Games, & Parodies: This page has jokes about band, games to play during band, and parodies (song and otherwise) about band.
Geeky, But Not Band Geeky: Geek stuff. But not band geek stuff, exactly. Basically includes things of my interest (other than band), i.e., LOTR, Harry Potter, so on and so forth...
Links: Links that I think will be useful to furthering yourself as a band geek, or just a regular one...
About Me: Since I know you're all dying to know who I am...
The Hellish Cross-section: A cross-section of my band. In other words, you get to find out who the hell all the people I mention are, and even some that I don't mention. They are very scary; that's why it's hellish. Just clearing that up for you.
So, now you know. I'll be posting updates to your right. Now, have fun, be safe, and stay with your buddy.
PS: All sections will take user submitions. Just send them to the e-mail address at the side and include a form of ID and the section it belongs in. Thanks!

Want to link to my site? Just save one of these banners to your hard drive, put it on your site and do whatever you have to do to link it to me.

7/3/05-Wow...I haven't updated in a really long time. Well...I'm not doing much of an update now...just giving you all a link to my LiveJournal, which I intend to keep up. Is anyone still writing in the community blog?
2/19/05-Well, Tim, I've finally updated!  It's not much, but I HAVE updated.  I now have a banner page, and i'm going to get to work on a section about orchestra sterotypes *hisses*.
10/1/04-I have started a new page to house all the old updates, cuz this one-column thing was getting out of hand. Also, Tim and I and maybe some other people have started a multi-authored blog for your amusement. It's mostly going to be about band, I can assure you. I'm trying to think of stuff to add, but at the moment my mind is drawing a blank. I need to add more people to my "A Toast To..." page...Pages are continuing to get face lifts.

The Creator,
at a Glance

This is my section. I am first chair. Mwah ha ha. Andrew (the trumpet) and I rule it together.

Marching Band
That's my game face. Grrr. And this time, I'm playing William, who needs his valves fixed.

Audra and the Big Spender Feathers
I'm in the band hallway, wearing the "Big Spender" Show feathers that were in the instrument room.

Fountain Pen, Writing

It's Never Too Early for Band!!!