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The Band Advocate's Resource
The Basics of Band Camp

1. Chances are, people here aren't going to be conservative like they were back home. Be prepared for casual cross-dressing, careless nudity, and countless invasions-of-privacy.
2. When band geeks get away from home, they wanna have a good time. Band camp, more often than not, is one big, week-long party. So be prepared to bust move, get your freak on, party hardy, whatever.
3. Sadly, some band camps DO make you do choir. Just grin and bear it, and make fun of the songs as much as you possibly can.
4. The beautiful thing about band camp is that you can be your nerdy self and people will love you anyway. Just be who you are and you'll be surprised how many friends you'll make.
5. Watch out for the truely strange.
6. Love your section and your section leader. First chair players at band camp know what's going on and what's best for the section and the song. Listen to them!
7. Don't screw around during rehersal. There's some crap you can pull with a high school director that you can't with a college professor!
8. Always come back with at least one good story. A good story is one that either makes you piss yourself laughing, or takes more than 10 minutes to tell AND makes you piss yourself laughing.
9. Take a couple of friends, but no more than 3.
10. Start a bizaare collection of objects, such as rootbeer bottles, reeds, or unopened condoms (they have machines on college campuses).

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