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As if we haven't sterotyped the band enough already, let's cover a few typical inter (and outer) band relationships and a few not-so-typical.

Trumpet Playing 1

By and large the most common (and most tragic) of all inter-band relationships.  What attracts the two to each other (aside from hormones and stuff)?  They're both...obnoxious and loud?  Probably.
     Examles for those of you in my band: David/Marcy, Max/Marcy, Jared/Megan, Trent/Adrienne (*glares*)
They turn up ocassionally.  Well, they're always there ANYWAY; may as well take advantage of the togetherness.  It might be too much togetherness though...they start to get old after a while.
     Examles for those of you in my band: Trent/Aud (trumpet), Chelsea/Tom (flute)
Yeah, I've seen it happen before, and I the only explaination I can offer is that the trumpet needs a reasonably quiet person to dominate, which doesn't really explain a lot of them anyway...
     Examles for those of you in my band: Dusty/Alli
Others that are out there: Oboe/French Horn, Trumpet/Oboe, Tuba/Bass Clarinet, Trombone/Self
And then there's Band Member/Non-Band Member, but we just don't talk about that one... 

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