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A Toast to Captain Adam

Dedicated to the World's Best Drum Major EVER
I'll never let go, Captain Adam, I'll never let go...


Captain Adam was our drum major for the 2003-2004 school year marching season. He was the best drum major ever...words cannot describe. And so, here is a site dedicated to the graduated Captain Adam. May his spirit live on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

Captain Adam Facts
  1. Captain Adam's favorite song is "My Immortal".
  2. Captain Adam's favorite show is "American Idol".
  3. Captain Adam goes to Notre Dame.
  4. Captain Adam has a pair of clogs that he wears on ocassion.
  5. Captain Adam worked at Dairy Queen over the summer.
  6. If Captain Adam was to have lunch with one person, it would be the Pope.
  7. Captain Adam's favorite food is Mexican/Spanish food.
  8. Captain Adam plays oboe, piano, and percussion. He also sings.
  9. Captain Adam was co-captain of the varsity scholar bowl team.
  10. If Captain Adam had to cook for himself, he would fix pizza.


Soon, I'll post my Captain Adam-inspired cartoon here, "The Over-Enthusiastic Drum Major". And I promise the art is better than that in the picture to the left, which I was forced to do on the computer.

"I'd give anything to be half as cool as Captain Adam..."

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