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The Band Advocate's Resource

This section is where I display my band parodies (and other people's, maybe). My idea of parodies include pictures (Woo! Photoshop!), songs, and fan fiction-type things. Enjoy, and if you have anything you want to send me, you know the address.

"Should Have Practiced...Yesterday" by Audra (Who This Site Belongs to!)
Parody of "Yesterday" by the Beatles
   Auditions seemed so far away.
   Now second chair I'm sure I'm doomed to stay.
   Oh, should have practiced yesterday.
   There's no way I'll ever hit that C.
   It seems it's 2nd part for eternity.
   Now, yesterday's gone suddenly.
**Now I have to go.
   I don't know what to play!
   Damn, the whole thing's wrong!
   Now I long for yesterday!
     This piece seemed such an easy thing to play.
     I'm so nervous, can't even hit an A.
     Oh, should have practiced yesterday.
1st chair, I heard you say?...
(also by me, Audra.)

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