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Band Games

Please, send in your games! I'll post them and give you credit, as usual. Don't be afraid to try out the ones here either. Play 'em and submit a review, and I'll post it. As always, please include a name and/or e-mail address. Speaking of addresses, send stuff to the address of the home page.

The Colors Game-A long-time favorite of many band nerds. It could go by any name, but the basic principles still apply, no matter what.
Best Played: On a long bus ride
Object of the game: To say as many colors as you can without repeating one
How to Play: It's a fairly simple game; you get a group of people together and see how many colors you can name without repeating one. Each person goes around the circle and says one (this goes fairly fast). If you repeat a color, or if you stall, you have to make a strange sex noise. Careful, though; if an adult asks, it's ANIMAL noises, or whatever noises you choose.

Timmy's Readings-"Discovered" by my friend Timmy the Clarinet; it's cruel, it's unusual, but gosh darn it, it's fun!
Best played: On long bus trips (they have nowhere to run!)
Object of the game: It's not really a game, and there's not really an object. It's just fun! Fine, if you really need an object, it's to get the Japophiles to cringe and make faces.
How to play: Give a daring pervert a manga book (Sailor Moon, Dragon Knights, Inuyasha, etc...Thank Elise for teaching me this stuff.) and send him over to a congregation of clean-minded manga enthusiasts. If he's good enough, he'll be able to think dirty things up off the top of his head and replace the content of the story with his own, resulting in loud disapproval from his audience. It's great fun, allbeit a little cruel.

Truth or Dare-The classic game that started it all. Seem kiddish? Not so fast, now...
Best played: Any bus trip.
Object of the Game: Well, it has more of an object than "Timmy's Readings", but it's still not really there. Basically, it's just to entertain yourself. You could set the personal goal of being the most ruthless Truther-Darer on the bus, though. If you really want.
How to Play-Easy. You pick a person to "truth or dare" first. Then that person picks, and so on, until everyone has gone, and you start over. If they pick truth, ask a truth (duh), and if they pick dare, you dare them to do something cruel and unusual, or whatever takes your fancy right then. If they don't wanna do it, double truth (oh, the horror!). Gotta make it good though. I know what you're thinking; 'this is a dumb game. Only 6th grade girls play it.' Try "spicing it up"; outlandish dares (wink wink) are excellent entertainment, not to mention a good way for the two (or 3, ha ha) to get a little lovin'. Best way to ruin this game? Taking it to seriously. Don't ask stupid, 6th-grade-girl questions (unless you happen to BE a 6th grade girl).

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