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"Hiya, Harry."

"Wake up, Neo."

"You have entered the Realm of the Lady of the Wood. You cannot turn back now."

This site is dedicated mostly to the genius JRR Tolkein, author of The Lord of the Rings, but it may soon turn out it becomes a shrine to many other things. Who knows?

This site is also to be the home for my fan fiction. Lately I've had a severe case of Writer's Block, not to mention laziness, but with any luck, things will be coming along soon.

So browse a bit and enjoy, and thanks for stopping by (hey, that rhymes!)

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4/24/03-Yeah, I'm almost done typing out the first chapter of "The Mudblood Movement". But I've been swamped with homework, so it might be a while before a whole bunch more is added. Maybe just minor tweeking.

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