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Monday, June 26, 2006
Remenicing on the past......
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: i hope i have some better music tastes by now...
Topic: My day
so i just graduated... and i hope everything has gone okay.... And today is my birthday! whoo! i'm so happy... now... i'm grown up.... whoo..oo..o.....

this is actually kind of hard to do... i wish you guys a very good senior year without me... and i hope you guys also succeed in everything you do...i don't know if you remember but 12/21/04 was ALL TIM!!! all tim i tell you so blame him! lol

i don't know how i'll see the world when i read this but i hope my outlook hasn't changed too much.

i hope you all a good year and make sure everyone stays in line like all of the little juniors and sophomores and melanie don't pick on the freshmen too much...

well this is probably my last post... so i hope it is read... please don't forget me or anything that you learned either from me or by me helping... cause that would be wasted time...

i wish you all the best of luck... buhbye!

Posted by thethievingmage at 12:01 AM CDT
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Friday, April 22, 2005
... wait, what? -mel
Now Playing: Finch
I'm reading! You've got the queen of hell reading your blog!!! be proud!

PHILLIP!!! I WILL WAIT FOR YOOOOU!!! *finds a shiny... thing* ooh. *follows shiny thing to a boy* OOH!

Old business:
> After prom was ok
> AW + Dan saw RHPS!!! It was friggin awesome!!!

New Business:
> Sarah + Andy Johnson are going on a date!
> Philip is gone!!! *dies*
> I took a nap!
> I was sick. Everyone was(or had better have been) very sad.
> Audra has now found something that she can lord over me. Stupid bitch.
> SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!! *does dance*

What stupid thing did I do now? Wait, I don't remember this...

ok I'm out

Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 9:38 PM CDT
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
*sigh* i'm depressed :(
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: BANANA MAN!!! WHOOO!!!! and soon some other stuff too
well it's 4/21/05 cause it automatically does it at the beginning of every entry lol and i'm so bored.... i don't want to be at home so instead i'm listening to slightly up tempo music and posting here (like anyone will read it no one posts here anymore)


*sigh* well that didn't work oh well... anyway the germans are basically gone, today was the last day the are actually coming to school. tomorrow they are going to fort de charter (I DONT CARE AOBUT SELPLING TIM!!! lol) and then saturday they're going as a group to six flags and leaving @ 1 ish for germany again... oh well maybe i'll see them again sometime (hahaha like that will happen) OMG i knew that the CARNIVAL presentation was going to be great! *flaps arms* *swimming action* i should have asked for that one so then i would have known how to do all that stuff.... that's awsome! *starts a conga line* *starts waving right hand* WHOOOOOO!!!!!..... well :P to you all.

(8) what is love? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!(8) i know that the eight notes won't show up but deal with it

it's been so long since anyone has posted (excluding me that is cause i'm the only recent postee) so i'm going to bring yah'll up to today:
- prom was pretty much a success, no major foul-ups that i found
- audra did stupid stuff to get her into trouble
- mel did stupid stuff to get her into trouble
- i yelled at tim (like normal)
- i am now into flash animations so i've been surfing for those (and boy are they f#*$@#ed up)
- i attended one of kayla's movie parties and.... wow.... yeah.... the snowcones are good, and i expected no less of kayla to leave the keys in the car... with the back doors to the van WIDE OPEN!!!! ..... yeah.... and rocky horror movie slide picture show was ummm... interesting and NO I'M NOT DOING THAT SO DON'T ASK!!!!
- both mel and aud are obsessed with philipp one of the germans who kind of looks like a gothic skater punk with nothing going his way.... mixed with a teddy bear or something... don't ask me lol
- The DOOM OF THE WORLD has ended april fool's day: the F@#%-ing term paper was done with and turned in THANK GOD!!!
- i know i'm forgetting something.... it'll come to me eventually

old business- the previous lazyness still applies here..... okay fine but only since i have nothing better to do

no screw old business

New business- i said all that up there so go up /\

well if you want to say something or are offended by this post then POST AND BE ANGRY!!!


Posted by thethievingmage at 4:03 PM CDT
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Monday, March 28, 2005
OMG I CAN EAT CHOCOLATE AGAIN!!!!!! whoo!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Those thingys are awesome! -andy
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: there something playing? oh no.... NOT AGAIN!!!! *freaks out*
Topic: Non-Denominational Break
HELLO EVERYONE!!!! OMG!!! CHOCOLATE IS GREAT!!! I'M NEVER GOING A DAY WITHOUT IT AGAIN well until next year at lent... but that's beside the point. i'm supposed to be doing my 10 page paper but procrastinating is too much fun. lol

my accomplisments over this non-denominational "spring break" cause we get out 3 days and a weekend were playing sly cooper 2 WHICH IS AWESOME!!!! and beating the first disc of 3 on FINAL FANTASY VII (that's seven for you roman numeral illiterate). every single time... it is still sad...

Old business- remember when i said i was lazy? yeah so screw old business lol


you know what's awesome besides all that other stuff? this thingy right here ---> ~ WHOOO!!! i don't know what it is but it is SO COOL!!! it's like number 14 on the coolness scale.... lol

oh yeah back to the band root of it all we have a concert tomorrow and i think i'm prepared enough for it... i still can't do all the skidoo parts but i can get by.... hopefully.... lol CONCERT AT 8:00!!!

okay yeah that's it buhbye!


Posted by thethievingmage at 9:44 PM CST
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Saturday, March 26, 2005
I WENT DRIVING... AND NO ONE DIED!!! and that's definatly a yay thing. - MEL
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: Guano Apes
so yeah... that's 2 hours and 41 minutes. Go me. haha.

Ok, so what if I can't get over 40 mph? If you can't run that fast, you shouldn't drive that fast.

Happy 3rd biggest candy company day!


Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 4:37 PM CST
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Tuesday, March 1, 2005
... - Sparkle Bunny
Now Playing: I AM YOUR LORD AND MASTER (aka the voices in my head)
Ya'll need to make more posty things... no note the sticky yellow sheets of paper... not that postits aren't awesome...

Anyone know a cheap hitman? I've got 3 bucks...

Charlie you're good in the poisonong people feild, right? Just kidding... I think... *glares suspiciously*

Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 8:06 PM CST
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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Wow its been awhile for me too-Tim_
Mood:  loud
Topic: My day
Well, its been awhile. Not as long as Audra but yeah.

This day was super long. I got up at 6:25 this morning and then left to D2S (Dare 2 Share). Its really cool. You people should go next year.

I just got back about 30min ago.

Posted by robo22gold at 10:02 PM CST
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Who are you people??? -AUDRA-
Mood:  down
Now Playing: Still "Sweet Transvestite"...
Topic: Blog Structure/Membership
Okay so who all is in this now anyway? Is Charlie still hacking in here? Ha ha I almost hit him in the face with valve oil yesterday. Sorry, Charlie.

Yeah so anyway...sorry I forgot the title structure on the last entry...whoops.

Now writing entires is addictive!!! I can't believe I wasn't having withdrawl symtoms.

I have to go to work today. God damn it. Does anyone know if there are any people out there in need of trumpet instructing? Hey Melanie, I can give your brother lessons for a small price! Except if I did, I'm coming to your house because I don't like people in my house.

Okay that whole paragraph had nothing to do with structure or membership in the blog but I don't give a shit.

Here's some stuff about structure: I'm gonna start some new, general categories and you can adhere to them! Did I spell that right?

Posted by insanerandomhobbit at 10:33 AM CST
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Long Time No See--AUDRA
Mood:  down
Now Playing: "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Grrr. I have a cold.

Wow, yeah, I haven't written in this in ages...I really don't have anything to say so...uh...what's up? I haven't updated my site either...I guess I need to do that...

Well when I have something to say I guess I'll say it.



Posted by insanerandomhobbit at 10:25 AM CST
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Monday, January 24, 2005
Um... Woot? -mel-
Now Playing: The Vines - Get Free
Why is no one making a serious post?

O well, to cover the important things:
1) happy b-day Tim. Ur 17 now right?
2) I don't wanna fear the damn green pen. I fear only the unzippy pen. Because it is god. The uh... other god.
3) Um... right
4) I got Sims 2. 'nough said *plays game*
5) I HATE having Spanish right after Band. It ruins the whole purpose of music (to make u happy + relaxed)
6) Nunley, ur being a tard. TALK to me in person for details (if you can handle that) (*doubts you can*)
7) Mwahahaha I called him out
8) Nevermind, he fixed it on his own (how he figured out how to do that I'll never know!)(just teasing Nunley)
9) THEY CAN"T RUIN BAND LIKE THIS! DO YOU HAVE ROOM IN UR SCHEDULES FOR GYM? THOUGHT SO! I PROBRABLY WON'T EVEN MAKE IT INTO SYMPHONIC BAND! (*trys to practice* *fails miserably* *decides to take up drums... at least there's only one note* *trys drums* *whole set topples over* *stares at set* *tosses sticks at said set* *gives up*)
10) Woot Choir Dinner
11) Oliver Rox my sox, and that's all I'm saying. Woot, ok, I'll say this. British people sure know what they're doing!

Rock out Canada!

Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 12:30 AM CST
Updated: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 5:39 PM CST
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Sunday, January 9, 2005
andy made me
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: tourniquet-rasputina
andy made me do make a post so i am.........
but he never said i had to say anything
*finds loophole

Posted by squeemastagoth at 6:34 PM CST
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Tuesday, January 4, 2005
Ok responds to Andy- Tim
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Non-Denominational Break
Ok Mr. Pest(andy).

My Christmas/Birthday was pretty good. I like the gifts I got. My major gift was the head unit and speakers i got for my truck. I got alot of cd's and I got Paper Mario 2 which was cool. Um... that and a few other things was about it.

yeah ok

I like my new school schedual. Its less demanding. so thats about it.

Posted by robo22gold at 9:53 PM CST
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Monday, January 3, 2005
well since no one else is talking i'll have to coax (hahaha.... coax) you all to talk -andy-
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: eh-o Captian Jack! (eh-o Captian Jack!)
Topic: Non-Denominational Break
well like i said i'll have to start coaxing or something cause you guys are so boring!!!! oh yeah i went there.

Old business: like i said you guys are BORING!!!!

New business: well for our Non-Denominational Winter Time Break of which one could celebrate Christmas/Kwanza/Chankaka(i don't care about spelling)/Winter Solstice (for our hippy bretheren) and for those to lazy to celebrate all of these different celebratory events happy Christmahaunakwanzika!.... and buy 3 times as much socks for everyone to celebrate over. lol

since no one has posted for their embarassment what they got for the rising of the zombie of christ as we sing him christmas carols to lull him back to sleep.... i'll break the ice. okay well because of my eurotrip i needed moneys so i got lots of that for my spending moneys. and i also got some clothes that i LOVE!!! but i can't wear them to school cause they are pajama stuff or more appropritly labled for me all day attire (lol to me) and what else.... i got one of my new favorite games DDR MAX2 for the ps2 and i found out how undeniably uncoordinated i am and i found out that according to the ddr machine that was "the worst dance I'd ever seen" yeah lol maybe you get that joke or not if you don't then *tisk tisk tisk* and *points and laughs* what else...i got jak 3 ooh funny story so i'll start another paragraph--->

haha this was so funny. okay so saturday morning i woke up at say 8:30 ish cause the little pests woke me up so i had to get up and all so i did. and then i went down stairs and after helping to sort the presents opened my presents. i came across this one dvd shaped box and opened (it was from santa fyi) and it was jak 3 for playstation 2. well i was overjoyed of course and then i opened the rest of my presents and then then i played ddr for 3 or so hours after i ate breakfast at 10ish... regardless i diverge (hahaha the catcher in the rye poem is not two people having sex in a field of rye!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) so i went back and was opening the boxes of my gifts and when i came to the jak 3 box i opened it and found that there was no game disc inside the box... my mom or "santa" wasn't there on christmas, she had to work cause it's every other holiday she has to work but that's okay cause i understand that she needed to work, so when she came home dad must have told her about what had happend with the game and she was... well to put it nicely furious. she called sony that night and *chuckles to self* then we went to my grandparents and it was funny she was NOT in a good mood hahahahahahahaha......

my mage name is atticus and i'm very happy about that and no relation to any other mages with the name of atticus for a certain number of people of whom will remain nameless An Undeniably Decadent Respectible Andelee (hahahahahahahahaahahahhahahah i'm such a genius.... hahahahahaha..........)

i dont' want to forget these words so here it is:
Teratogenesis - the production of monsters or monstrous growths.
Teratoid - resembling a monster.
Zugzwang - a situation in which a player is limited to moves that cost him pieces or have some other damagin effect on his position.

and what else......well whatever it is it slipped my mind.... oh well. PEOPLE POST!!! or else!!!!! i'll turn you into a fish!!!! bwhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!! here fishy fishy fishy!!! *lightning strikes and thunder rolls* *does mr. burns thing* excellent....


Posted by thethievingmage at 4:54 PM CST
Updated: Monday, January 3, 2005 5:03 PM CST
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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: i don't know h/'s Tokyo All Ready. it's not too bad
okay i wanted to wish tim a happy birthday for tomorrow cause i'm going to forget unless i do it now, while i'm supposed to be typing my essay for english. and also i want to wish everyone a non-denominational winter break time!

and to tim....we need to join forces so no arse kissing is necessary in the vicinity of either of us and i might be able to stop killing myself long enough for a possible group attack? hehehe BLOW UP THE NORTH POLE!!! WATCH THE ASHES OF THE ELVES FLUTTER DOWN ON THE CRIMSON SNOW!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!(if you don't know don't ask cause I'm not going to tell)

what else.... no idea...

okay well i'll see yah'll later


Posted by thethievingmage at 9:09 PM CST
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Mood:  on fire
Im bored. I really don't have time to post, but I am any way. Tommarows my Birthday. I don't have to be home at 11 or 12 any more!!! Well thats about it.

Posted by robo22gold at 5:29 PM CST
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
What about booze??!?!?!?! -andy- (what you couldn't guess?)
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: well does tv count?
Topic: My day
well.... as usual let's start from my last entry

well you might hate blogs but they Looooove you!

yeah car trips are always fun... hehehe.... so did your grades improve? you don't have to tell me but i'll eventually... ah i don't know what i'm even typing lol

grrrr.... melanie.... grr....... yeah it's like spanish is an entirely different language. hahahah

it's good to be cultured

no one has written here cause we're so lazy. i would normaly contradict that statement but,
i'm to lazy. lol speeches can be speech like and all lol


new stuff!

nothing really, if you didn't know already i was sick last monday with GI distress but i really don't think you care enough to know what GI distress is. i have an essay that is due on friday and i have nothing so far (it's wednesday at 11pm). and i've been using chemistry as a study hall but who hasn't hahahaha! that's great.... okay well i'm to lazy and tired to really continue so if you aren't lazy enough please post. hahaha

if i forgot something, well then you know what i was going to say.....



Posted by thethievingmage at 10:56 PM CST
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Sunday, December 12, 2004
If I have to sit through one more minute of this travesty... - MELANIE -
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Peggy Lee - Is that all there is?
Why has no one written for a week? Just curious...

I've been writing more in My Blog (WOOT) on My Site. hinthinthint (check it out!)

I was sad today, cause I didn't get to talk with anyone for very long, and I missed out on a chance to make a speech in church.

And i felt a bit... disappointed. I mean, this thing I've been planning for so long, and been terified of for so long is over. I don't mean to complain, I have to say, that was one of the best few nights of my life... Sad kind of, I know. But it was special. But now it's over, And all I have are memories.

Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that's all there is, my friends, then let's keep dancing. Let's break out the booze, and have a ball.

Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 7:19 PM CST
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Sunday, December 5, 2004
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: Voodoo-Godsmack
Yeah i had a GREAT weekend unless you couldnt tell by the title. I went to the mall and bought stuff. I LOVE borders sooo much. After that i went to my freinds house and did stuff. Today i went to the art museum and got all 'cultured' up. Over all it was a good weekend.

P.S. Melanie i didnt forget you i am VERY glad we a officially going out now.

Posted by squeemastagoth at 7:00 PM CST
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Monday, November 29, 2004
It's Monday... *yawn* DANIELLE'S HERE *smiles* - MELANIE-
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Patsy Cline
Ok, so:

yeah... the design was good on the robot, but the programming was... not as good.
Woo Nunley's in the blog!
I don't know, the 'I'm mad' entries are so colorful
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
Loesh is... grr
It's ok Tim, my grades were crap crap and more crap.

I had a really bad morning, except that mr R to the 1st Glared at me like he wanted to kill me. I was so proud. But then we had a lot of geometry HW, which was confusing. Oh, and we watched Beauty + the Beast in Spanish in Spanish. I couldn't understand them! It was like they were speaking a different language! Then Ms. Kelly wanted to talk to me.

But when i got to lunch Danielle made it all better, she was all sunshiney and happy, and bubbly!

And it was all ok after that. Danielle makes everything ok, because she knows, things will always get better.

So, Buhbye

Posted by endoftheworld-07 at 5:59 PM CST
Updated: Monday, November 29, 2004 6:01 PM CST
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
I'm back -Tim
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Turkey Day
We'll I'm back from Gerogia. That was a long trip. 9 hours :( It was pretty uneventful. Went to grandparents then aunt and uncles. Thats pretty much it.

Grrr... my parents say my grades. Its not good. I have a B in AP American history, but its showing up a D on the report card and it took shouting to convice her that it was wrong. Then I had a C+ in chemestry cuz of that stupid test. He doesn't take enough grades in that class. I mean it was one test. The qestion i got wrong even i had the answer to it then I erased it cuz i didn't understand what i was supposed to be doing. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... now I can't get on the computer during the week. We'll see how long that lasts.

Posted by robo22gold at 8:16 PM CST
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